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Date : 2014-04-04
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1. Shipping Methods
Shipping Fee is based on weight of each goods. And we have 4 kinds of shipping methods as belows; 
EMS Premium (UPS)
This is the European market leader in global express distribution, logistics and international mail. If you use UPS's service as a counterpart of Post Office, you can reduce delivery time shorter than that of EMS. Delivery time can be within 2 to 4 days. 
- EMS (International Express Mail)
This is special shipping program which is served and managed by Post Office and the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication. Delivery time is within 2 to 5 days from the date of the day after the confirmation of your payment. 
- Parcel Post (Airmail)
The parcel service is the service between the countries and territories involved. Delivery time is within 6 to 12 days from the date of the day after the confirmation of your payment. 
- Small Packet (Airmail)
Small packet means of small, light products or gifts. In terms of quality, the contents are the same as regular parcels, but it is classified as a type of letter-post item to for easy handling under definite conditions, and a special mail item of international mail. The rate is lower than that of the parcel post. Delivery time is within 7 to 15 days from the date of the day after the confirmation of your payment.
2. Shipping Fee and Shipping Time
Shipping fee stems from weight of each goods. And according to shipping methods, its cost has difference. 
  EMS Premium EMS Parcel Post (Air) Small Packet
(Registered Airmail)
Small Packet
(Normal Airmail)
Delivery Time 2~4days 2~5days 6~12days 7~15days 15~30days
cost Most Expensive Expensive Cheap More cheap Most Cheat
Maximum Weight 50kg 30kg 20kg 2kg 2kg
Above delivery time is average data and in real time, its deliver can be delayed.
3. Tracking Your Goods
EMS Premium (UPS) or EMS offers a complete tracking of your goods. You can track your EMS Premium or EMS goods via your national postal website as well. ( (
With regard to Parcel Post (Air) or Small Packet, its tracking is limited to the extent on which date we registered them to our post office and through which flight they were took off. The tracking is provided by Korean National Postal Services. Your local Postal Service might or might not offer tracking for your local area. ( (  
4. Shipping Delay Issue 
1. EMS Premium (UPS) and EMS
Please note that you must be present to receive your goods. Your local postal service will attempt to deliver them just twice and if they cannot contact to you, they will send it right back to us. On their first deliver attempt, they will leave you a messege which informs you of your goods, however, sometimes these slips can disappear for various reasons. So, if you didn't receive your goods within 7 days after our delivery notice, please Track your goods via your local postal site.. If you have trouble with locating your goods, please let us know immediately. Even though your goods is returned to us, we will not be liable for refunds for this cost.
2. Parcel Post (Air) and Small Packet
In general, your goods will arrive within 6~15 days from our shipment. However, sometimes it can be delivered more than 30 days. So, please make sure we will consider your goods as Lost in Shipment, only after 40 days after we have sent it via our post office.
After 40 days from our shipment, if you want to ask us for the tracking your goods, please contact us. With your requirement, we will officially inquire for that to our post office. According to our post office, because it will take about 7~30 days for that tracking, we will let you know the results as soon as we are informed by them.
If it is concluded that your goods is missing, we will compensate you for loss, just to the extend that the reason of loss is based on our fault
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